Reinier Brönn Architects and Associates was established in 1998. Our practice is based in Bloemfontein, but we do work all over the country with the help of modern technology and trustworthy people.  My forté has always been residential work, because of the personal engagement with clients, and the opportunity to create a sense of belonging and a unique living environment for each family or individual.

We consider the entire process of building as an experience and journey with each and every client.  It is very often with smaller projects that we make more meaningful contributions to people’s lives, and vice versa.  There is a bigger picture to what we do.

We have been blessed with substantial commercial and industrial work over the past decade.  Fully aware of our responsibility towards the next generation of architects we always strive to elevate the public’s appreciation for architecture.

It is our belief that architecture should always be a response to its environment, rooted in a particular place.  We foster and encourage Vernacular architecture because it is characterised by the use of local  materials and knowledge.

We apply a good sense of judgement to scale, respect for culture, and the “genius loci”, which means the spirit of place.

We pursue to design cost effective,  sustainable buildings, and create memorable meaningful places.

Our approach is to be relevant, contemporary, yet timeless, passionate, and above all to be committed to excellence.

“A business succeeds, not because it is big or long established, but because there are men and women in it who live it, sleep it, dream it, and build great future plans for it.”


A drone tour or bird’s eye view tour, depending on your preference, through a fully fledged Reinier Brönn Architects project reveals elements | stages:

Negotiation with you, of our costed service framework | Contracting with you: New client take-on | Your vision & dream becomes a sketch plan | Assembly of a multi-disciplinary team in accordance with project demands | Digital Design | 2D & 3D rendering | Construction of a scale model | Plans printed and approved by client & council | Project co-ordination & leadership | Project completion & sign-off


Why choose an architect?

All people are born to be different, to serve a different purpose in life.

Architects are born to create, to design, to organize shapes and sizes.  It starts during childhood, I believe.  As children we were more inclined to play Lego, build bridges and draw pictures, than anything else.  It is really a God given talent that we nurture from a very young age.

This raw talent takes shape when studying architecture at a University.  You then learn that architecture is really a combination between an art and science.  It is not just a fantasy.

Whatever we imagine needs to be built, without falling apart.  It needs to be practical too, and beautiful!  Hence the famous three words of Vitruvious as criteria to measure good architecture:  Firmness, Commodity, and Delight! We strive to achieve that with every project.

Beautiful buildings and structures are no coincidence.

What gives us the edge?

So can you hear me shout:  pick me, pick me!

I trust that our experience and portfolio will convince you to appoint us, but if you don’t, please consider to appoint one of my colleages and not any person who “draws up plans” without the necessary education.